Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Taste Testing Bizarre Foods

Hey cupcakes! If you have been reading The Chic Cupcake for quite some time (which you totally should because you should tots be a follower! ;) ), you know that I am a foodie. I LOVE to try new foods, so I thought I would make a post about the most "bizarre" foods I have tried recently (see my last European candy taste test here). I hope you enjoy!

1. Simply Nature Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips ~ $2

Image result for Simply Nature Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips

So I went to my very first Aldi's a few weeks ago, and I saw some pretty interesting things! As I was looking through the chip aisle, I saw these tortilla chips. I had never seen chips made of pumpkin seeds before, so I just had to buy them! Surprisingly, they were actually pretty good. They are quite sweet compared to a normal tortilla chip, so I personally didn't think they went well with salsa. They smell and have a faint taste of pumpkin, which was such an interesting flavor for a chip! The bag had a recipe for dip on the back (mixing together vanilla yogurt, honey, and cinnamon), and it worked SO well with the sweet notes of the chips. If you ever purchase these, I would totally recommend you make the dip as well! :)

2. Siggi's Drinkable Yogurt in Strawberry ~ $1.50

Image result for siggi's drinkable yogurt

One of my all time fav snacks is yogurt because it is so filling and pretty healthy for you. I was shopping with my mom at the grocery store, and I saw this cute little bottle of "drinkable" yogurt from Sweden. I thought it was an interesting idea, and there was way less sugar in it than a typical yogurt, so I bought one. I think it was pretty tasty! The strawberry flavor wasn't very strong, so it was pretty sour and mostly tasted like a mixture between plain and vanilla yogurt. It was uber filling (I couldn't even drink the whole thing in one sitting!), and I actually enjoyed the texture of the yogurt being drinkable. Overall, I would recommend this to you if you are looking for a fun and healthy new way to eat more yogurt!

You can repurpose the bottle when you are done! :)

3. Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips ~ $2

Image result for Simply Nature Sweet Potato Chips

Again, during my first trip to Aldi's another bag of chips caught my eye... I have always really enjoyed veggie chips and such, so I was super excited to see a bag of my favorite veggie chip: sweet potato! These were quite tasty, but I wish they had been a little less salty. There was so much sodium on them that I feel like the healthy aspect of being a veggie chip was taken away. The chips were also a little bit soggy, so they didn't have the typical crunch of the chip. All in all, for being only $2 this bag of chips is definitely something you should try!

What foods should I try next? Comment below with your suggestions, and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake (help me reach my goal of 750 followers!!!!!).

Jenna the Foodie

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  1. Those pumpkin seed tortilla chips sound really tasty! Thanks for stopping by!


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