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Movie Review: ABC'S Dirty Dancing

Release date: May 24, 2017

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Hey cupcakes! A couple of weeks ago, I was looking to see what was on TV and noticed that ABC was airing a remake of Dirty Dancing. Now, as someone who loves classic movies, I was (of course) skeptical and kinda angry that they remade an awesome movie... But, I thought that I would give it a try! My family and I sat down at 8 PM to watch the movie.

What a waste of three hours! This movie was God awful - I literally think it was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life (at least it was so bad it made me laugh; does that count for something?). I don't know why in the heck they chose Abigial Breslin to play Baby because SHE CAN'T DANCE FOR CRAP! Isn't the whole point of the movie that she learns how to dance?!? The multiple "dance montages" made me physically uncomfortable because it was just so awkward....

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Baby also had some pretty ugly dresses throughout the film...
There were some other good cast members in the movie (like why wasn't Sarah Hyland cast as Baby?), but it was still an overall flop. They messed up so many classic parts of the film:

-The watermelon line was incorrect
-The lifts in both the water scene and the final scene were terrible and uncomfortable

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Excuse me but what is this?
-The parents sang and danced after the lift in the final scene (like why??!!)
-The ending was stupid and ruined the chances of love between Baby and Johnny (did they try to copy La La Land?)

Overall, I was uber disappointed. The only good part of the movie was Sarah Hyland's duet at the talent show.

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If you are looking for a movie that is so bad it is fun to laugh at, this is the movie for you! :P But if you actually want to watch a good movie, I would suggest watching the classic Dirty Dancing

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Love (the still very disappointed),
Jenna <3

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