Saturday, May 13, 2017

Taste Testing European Candy!

Hey cupcakes! I was at a specialty grocery store the other day, and I found a whole section of candies from around the world! :) I thought it would be super fun to do a taste test post, since I haven't done a taste test post in forever (read my last one from two years ago here). Let's get eating!

1. Cadbury Curly Wurly
Related image
A Curly Wurly is basically a hunk of caramel covered in chocolate. It was super super delicious! I thought it tasted a lot like a Milk Dud in bar form, so it definitely is a little on the chewy side. Overall, I think I would give it a 7.5/10.

2. Cadbury Flake
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The Flake candy bar was just plain milk chocolate but it was in such a weird shape/consistency (see above photo). The name "Flake" is really fitting, because it made quite the mess as I tried to eat it. I thought the chocolate was okay, but this candy didn't really do it for me.
Overall, I would give it a 5/10.

3. Cadbury Wispa
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This chocolate bar was pure Cadbury milk chocolate with an aerated interior. The texture was so light and fluffy, and it was super delicious! Even though Cadbury chocolate isn't as good as Hershey chocolate (in my opinion), this was my favorite piece of candy out of the four, and I would totally buy it again! :)
Overall, I would give it a 9.5/10.

4. Fry's Turkish Delight
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I feel like everyone hears of Turkish Delight from the Narnia series, and I have had a few pieces of it at a cultural event at my dorm. I thought it would be interesting to see what "real" Turkish Delight tastes like! Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The jelly part of the Turkish Delight was an interesting flavor (I'm pretty sure orange?), so I wasn't really a fan of the whole thing. If the inside was a different flavor, I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more!
Overall, I would give it a 3/10.

What foreign candy is on your wishlist to try? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! :D <3

Love you al,
Jenna <3


  1. European candy I've never seen in my life (and I'm from Europe) haha
    you just picked everything that we don't have in my country, but at least you liked cadbury wispa :) (p.s. I don't think Hershey chocolate is that good :O :O) haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Haha that's so funny, I guess I will need to go buy some more :P

  2. This isn't European Candy, it's British (I'm from the UK). Oh and those Turkish delights are meant to taste like Rose. But the one you brought, which is one available in all stores over here, is nothing like proper Turkish delight which is covered in icing sugar, has a slightly different texture and isn't as sweet. If you can find the real thing I would 100% recommend it.

    1. My dorm had better Turkish Delight with the icing sugar over it, and I thought it was so good! Much better than this packaged kind :)


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