Thursday, March 16, 2017

My Top Ten Interview Tips and Trick!

Hey cupcakes, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! :D I have been interviewing A LOT recently (trying to get those summer internships...), so I thought I would make a post about my top tips and tricks for a successful interview! <3 Let's get started!

1. TRY NOT TO GET TOO NERVOUS - I know interviews can be really stressful, but I always try to remind myself that the interviewer is trying to learn from me as much as I am learning from them! A lot of interviews are just for gauging your personality too, so try to keep you nerves in control!

2. Smile - Again, personality is HUGE, so smile occasionally! A smile can do a lot for an interviewer.
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3. Be friendly and make small talk - I know people get really nervous for the "tough questions", but there is also plenty of time during an interview to make small talk with the interviewer, get a sense of what it is like to work at the company, and just give off a friendly personality.

4. Take time when asked a question - Before you answer a question, take like 10-30 seconds to get your thoughts together to get a good response. Nothing is worse than getting no where with an answer, and that totally will not impress the interviewer!

5. Dress the part - I feel like this goes without saying... But, I personally feel so much more confident if I take the time to look really nice and curl my hair. This boost of confidence can really help you out during your interview!

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6. Bring what you need - I have a really nice sized leather tote/purse that I fill with my padfolio (do forget a copy or two of your resume!), my business cards, etc. You do NOT want to seem unprepared!!!

7. Do quite a bit of research - Make sure you take the time to do quite a bit of research on the company you are interviewing for! By doing this prep, you normally can tell what the company values in its employees (which will help you shape your answers to interview questions!).

8. Send a follow up email - At the end of the interview, ask the interviewer for his/her business card. In the span of 24 hours, you should send them a thank you email referencing what you discussed in your interview. The more personal this is the better!!

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9. Don't be negative after the fact - No matter what happened at the interview, don't talk about it negatively or think that it went "terrible". Interviewing is HARD, so wait until the company gets back to you before you tell your friends that "there is no way I got it", etc. Positivity is key!!!! :D

10. Remember, practice makes perfect - I have been going to tons of interviews lately, and some of the positions I don't really want... I figure that the more I practice being in an interview situation, the better I will get! There are also plenty of resources online with practice questions, etc.

What are your best interview tips? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3
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