Monday, March 27, 2017

Most Likely Tag ft. My Boyfriend!

Hey cupcakes! My boyfriend came up to visit me this weekend (<3), so I thought I would have him help me with a fun tag (and when I say "help" I mean he sat with me and kept distracting me haha)! I haven't done a tag in SO long on The Chic Cupcake, so let me know if you would like to see more of them. :) Let's get started! 

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Who, out of you and your boyfriend, is most likely:

1. To always be happy? - Definitely me! I am uber optimistic and positive while he tends to have a more realistic take on the world.

2. To forget something important? - Him for sure. Lol - his memory isn't as good as mine!

3. To fall while walking? - Lol me cuz I'm clumsy AF

4. To be the most popular person in school? - I feel like this is a tie... We both can be both social and antisocial, so we know a lot of people.

5. To take care of the other person while sick? - ME; he gets sick a lot more than I do!

6. To get annoyed over small things? - Prolly me.... :P

7. To be impatient? - HIM; patience is not his virtue

8. To complain about things? - Lol we both really enjoy complaining, so I would say it's a tie.

9. To be sweet? - Tots me, I am always sweet ;)

10. To be the healthiest? - Me again, he has a weakness for eating really bad food.

11. To be nice? - We are both really nice, so a tie for sure!

12. To be best at school? - I would say me, but we are both strong in certain areas.

13. To be a good cook? - Lol me because he literally would burn the kitchen down...

14. To fall asleep during a party? - Me because he can stay up until 4 in the morning with no problem at all....

15. To be the best at math? - Totally me, I have a weird passion for math!

16. To cry when happy? - We both don't cry very often, but I can cry when I'm happy if my hormones are messed up :P

17. To be smarter? - We are both strong in certain areas, so I would say we are both pretty smart (however, I have a much stronger work ethic than he does).

18. To buy things they don't need? - HIM; he is the king of impulse buying!

19. To crash their car? - Lol, definitely him. He actually just got his car back from a car accident (this one wasn't his fault tho).

I tag all of you, so comment below the links to your blogs so I can read your posts! Don't forget to follow me! :D

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