Sunday, March 19, 2017

Free Write #4: Run Over by a Snow Plow?!

Hey cupcakes! I did my last free write all the way back in January (and it got quite a bit of views!), so I thought I would write another one today! :) If you are new to the whole "free write" thing, I basically write for ten minutes after seeing a prompt from this random generator. Today's topic:

Write about a time when you were really brave.

Lol - so for some reason when I saw this prompt I automatically thought about a story from middle school that is pretty funny... Let's begin! In I want to say like 5th grade, I lived in a house that had a pretty long driveway. Every day after school I would walk down this driveway to get the mail from the mailbox that was, obviously, at the end of said driveway. One day in the winter I had forgotten to get the mail after school, and at like 9 PM I remembered. At this time it was snowing outside, but I (for some odd reason) thought it was a brilliant idea to bundle up and walk to get the mail, braving the snow storm. Mind you, the snow had just started like an hour ago, so I was trampling through a bunch of snow to even make it to the mail box (like why didn't I just wait until the next day haha). After a few cold minutes, I make it to the end of the driveway and get the mail, which was only like two bills or something totally lame and unexciting. I start walking back to the house when all of a sudden I hear the scrapping of snow behind me - the freaking snow plow had arrived to plow our driveway!!!!

Image result for scared gif

Being a middle schooler, I automatically thought that I was going to die because it was dark outside, there was snow everywhere, so how was the driver going to see me and/or stop before squishing me with the huge plow?! Heart racing I took off running as fast as I could.... And I eventually made it safely back to the house a few yards in front of the plow (lol - sorry for a really anti-climatic ending). The snow plow finished its job, and we both parted ways safely. Haha - so there you have it, a semi-embarrassing story about the time I almost got run over by a plow for a few lousy bills. 

When was a time you were really brave? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3

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