Monday, February 20, 2017

Mini Collective Haul

Hey cupcakes! I have recently been spending too much freakin' money.... Oops.

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Haha - I have put myself on a "no spend diet", so I thought I would make a post showing all of my recent purchases in memory of the lost money I've spent ;)

1. Hedgehog shirt - Wet Seal $8

Close up on the hedgehog!
Okay so Wet Seal is going out of business (omg sad!), so I stopped by the store in my local mall to see if they had anything I really liked. I started in the clearance section (like always) and immediately saw this shirt... IT HAS A HEDGEHOG ON IT GUYS (hurry and go buy one before they are sold out for good!)! I was so excited! They only have extra larges, but I bought that sucker anyway, and it looks super cute tied at the side. My new fav shirt for sure! :D

2. Ear cuff set - Rue21 $3

The other day Rue21 had free shipping no minimum, so I kinda went a little crazy (but the deals were amazingggg so how could I not?!)... I have been wanting some ear cuffs for the longest time, so when I saw this set of 6 for only $3 I couldn't pass it up! :)

3. Dinosaur hat - Rue21 $3

Guys, it's beautiful... That is all. ;)

4. Tank tops - Rue21 $2 each

In my last haul (here), I hauled this same tank in burgundy, and it became my new favorite top. So when I saw the same tank in different colors for only $2 I had to buy all the colors in my size! :P

5. Burgundy top - Rue21 $3

Burgundy is my favorite color to wear in the winter, and I have been digging the "lace up" shirts, so I just had to get this burgundy and lace up shirt!!!!! What a steal!

6. Black and white dress top - Forever21 $2.50

Okay, so I am a business major, so I always am looking for more business clothes to add to my growing collection. I was in Forever21, and I found this cute black and white dress tank top in the clearance section. The tag was ripped off and a handwritten tag was on it, so I assume it is from a past season or something? I thought it would look really cute under a blazer, and it turned out to only be $2.50! :D

Well, that's about it for the fashion items of my recent spendings! :P What have you purchased recently? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3

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