Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Style: Ear Cuffs

Hey cupcakes! In my last post, I mentioned how I recently bought a pack of ear cuffs... I have really been digging the look, so I wanted to share with you all my favorite ways to rock different styles of ear cuffs! They personally make me feel confident and badass, so I hope you can experiment with them too! :)

1. Statement piece - If you search for ear cuffs on a lot of websites, you will totally see this really elaborate ones that are large and statement pieces (such as dragons, etc.). I totally recommend styling your ear cuff as your statement jewelry piece!

Image result for ear cuffs

2. Just another "piercing" - If you don't really want people to notice your new piece of jewelry, I would opt for a simple ring that looks just like a basic piercing. Still chic but totally wearable!

Image result for ear cuffs

3. Updo focus - If you have a simple or complex ear cuff that you really want to show off, wear your hair in a top knot so all attention goes to your ears! :)
Image result for ear cuff ponytail

4. Hidden - If you don't want to show off the ear cuff, wear your hair however you normally do and it can be your little secret! :P 
Image result for ear cuff  hair down

Will you try out the ear cuff trend? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D <3

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  1. I like to wear it with an hair updo so it really shows and on the other side I put some small earring preferably the same style.

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