Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Three Date Night Outfits ft. MEN

Hey cupcakes! While The Chic Cupcake repeatedly has style inspiration, lookbooks, and fashion advice for women, I never seem to offer my male followers any fashion advice. That changes today!!!!! :P In the past, I have written posts on what to wear on the first date and even my tips and tricks for making date night special, so I thought I would make a post dedicated to some amazing “date night” looks for any man in your life. Enjoy!

Formal date (left): For men, looking formal is actually quite easy! I suggest some dress slacks, a collared shirt, a sweater (or suit coat), and some nice dress shoes.

Formal date 2 (middle): This is honestly my absolute favorite look of the three! Men look so stylish if they wear dress pants, a suit coat, a nice shirt, and a tie. I love how the pop of pink and red makes this outfit look totally unique!

Casual date (right): Even on a casual date, looking nice is a must! :) I think dark jeans, a more casual collared shirt (with a plaid print!), a cozy sweater, and dress shoes will allow you to be comfortable yet impress your lady for date night <3 

Now, there are so many different ways men can dress for different events!!! If you are having trouble, I totally recommend looking at this nifty infographic:
While uber formal things are not normally the typical "date night", there are always things like prom that require men to step up their fashion game (if you are looking for prom suits and tuxes, I totally recommend checking out The Black Tux for all their suit rentals!!!).

What is your favorite look for date night? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :) 

Also, a huge shoutout to The Black Tux for letting me share their extremely helpful infographic! I totally recommend checking out their rental suits!!!!

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