Friday, January 6, 2017

My Thoughts: The Bachelor Season 21 Premiere

Hey cupcakes! When you are reading this, I will have already started my winter semester of sophomore year (holy cow - the time flies!). To celebrate one of my last nights home over break, I convinced my family to watch the season premiere of the Bachelor; it was a great decision! :P

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I used to watch this show when I was in high school because it is enjoyable to make fun of, but this season opener was honestly the most hilarious thing I have seen in a long time!!!!!!

First of all, I think it is amazing that "the Bachelor" this year has tried this type of show four times :P If he hasn't found another crazy person the first three times, maybe that says something about him??? But who knows maybe he will find his perfect woman after sleeping with half the cast ;) Haha jokes aside he seems like an okay dude, so hopefully it does work out in the end!

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Second, the contestants this year are freaking amazing (as in amazing weird!).... There were like three women that I considered "normal", and I was pleasantly surprised that one of them, Rachel, got the First Impression Rose! :)
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Third, the introductions this year were out of this world! I could not stop laughing the whole time :D Some of my faves:

1. A girl in a fancy gown and Nike shoes on running up to Nick saying, "I thought you would appreciate another runner up"

2. The girl introducing herself with, "My friends all say you are a piece of sh*t"

3. A girl riding in on a camel and saying, "I heard you like a good hump"
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All the other girls only cared that she was wearing another red dress :P
4. The "aspiring dolphin trainer" who wore a SHARK COSTUME (but insisted it was a dolphin)

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5. A girl opening a book to reveal a hot dog inside and telling Nick he is a "weiner in her book"... Then proceeding to make him eat it "Lady and the Tramp style"

Lastly, the rest of the episode was full of unecessary drama that was hilarious including:


-The suspense if Nick will give a rose to a girl he ALREADY SLEPT WITH AT A WEDDING 9 MONTHS AGO (spoiler: she gets a rose)

-A random dental hygenist crying about how Nick "doesn't like her" for like 15 minutes and then she gets a rose anyway

-All the women standing at the rose ceremony and then the girl in the shark costume just chilling there too :P

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Overall, I totally suggest you watch this season premiere!!!! :D While I probably won't watch much of this season, it will really make you laugh and wonder why shows like this exist ;)

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