Friday, December 16, 2016

My Thoughts: Hairspray LIVE!

Hey cupcakes! Finals week is here, and I have been studying like nobody's business!!!!! :P I actually am feeling pretty ready for my finals, so I thought I would write a post sharing my thoughts on Hairspray Live during one of my study breaks! :)

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So on December 7th, my friends and I watched Hairspray Live on NBC. I had high expectations because Grease Live was pretty good last year (see my review on Grease here), and I had absolutely hated Sound of Music Live and Peter Pan Live. I was pretty worried because Tracy was a random girl, and I wasn't so sure Ariana Grande would be good....

Boy was I wrong! I think they blew it out of the park!!!! This was BY FAR better than Grease, and Maddie Baillio did an amazing job playing Tracy. Ariana Grande was also a really good Penny, and she played the character really well. I think Kristen Chenoweth stole the show as Velma Von Tussle (she was hilarious and by far my favorite character)!

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The songs were amazing (shoutout to Jennifer Hudson for KILLING her songs and making not only some of my friends cry but some of the actors too!), and you can listen to them all on Spotify now (which I would recommend)! The show had some great jokes throughout that made the performance really fun to watch, and it was the perfect mix of seriousness and comedy.
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Just look at this set! :O
The costumes were great, the set design was gorgeous, and oh my goodness the choreography was spot on! :D I remember Grease Live seemed to last for forever, but Hairspray Live (all three hours of it) just flew by!!! I was actually sad to see it end! I feel like this isn't really a good review of the show because I honestly didn't have anything bad to say about it.... I would recommend all of you to watch it if you haven't!!!! I am pretty sure you can watch the whole thing on their website here: LINK!

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I cannot wait until they do Bye Bye Birdie, and I'm sure it will be great! <3

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