Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election?!

Hey cupcakes! I'm pretty positive the 2016 Presidential Election was the most exciting/stressful election of all time! This is the first presidential election that I was old enough to vote it, so it was not only historic for America but for me! The Clinton vs. Trump debate has been in the media for so so SO long, and I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the whole election itself. Let's get started!
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First of all, I think both Clinton and Trump were not the best candidates for President. There are so many bad things about each person (whether it be the wrong things they've said, the lie they've told, etc.), but I also think they both have good characteristics as well. Watching the polls come in on election night was so stressful and interesting; it was such a close race!

Second, after Trump won the presidency, so many people took to social media to complain about how America is horrible, the world is going to end, etc. I found this rather disheartening. Even though many people were/are against Trump, just because he won does NOT mean that America is a horrible nation to live in. It doesn't mean that America is racist or sexist because, frankly, there are so many countries in the world that are so much worse (and whos citizens don't have any choice in who their leader is). The things that Trump has said (which many of them have been twisted by the media) does not actually reflect what he is going to do in office! I think it is foolish to judge the man before he has even done anything in office to better or worsen our country. Tons of people hated Obama when he was elected, but then he turned out alright didn't he?

Third, I also think that the number of people taking to social media and saying how they will not be friends with Trump supporters or people who voted for Trump is extremely childish. I know it might seem like a huge deal right now, but things happen for a reason. If you want America to continue to prosper, then I think unity is one of the most important things. Not being friends with someone else over a differing opinion is silly and, in the end, makes you look like a fool.

Fourth, so many social media posts have been about how people aren't proud to Americans anymore. As someone who has traveled to other countries with different political systems, it appalls me that people would hate on what it means to be American just because they don't like the President. Our country is amazing, and Americans are SO lucky. We have the freedom of speech, good education, etc., so I think people need to remember how lucky we are to be Americans!

Fifth, Trump is only the President people! The government works in a system of check and balances with the Senate and the House, so he won't be able to do everything he wants (because, you know, we live in America!). From all the backlash about Trump being elected it would seem like he was trying to be a dictator or something!

In all, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think God has a bigger and better plan for us, and I know that Trump being elected as President with have both its ups and downs. However, I am not going to hate on our new President of the United States because I know that deep down Trump is a good guy. I refuse to shallowly judge him until he actually starts making decisions for our country.

What are your thoughts on this memorable election? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D
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