Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Current Makeup Wishlist!

Hey cupcakes! I feel like I haven't made a post about makeup in quite some time, so I thought I would talk about my current makeup/beauty product wishlist! :D I have been seeing some fantastic products on the market recently, so (of course being a broke college student) I haven't been able to purchase them all! Let's get right into it! <3

1. Clear lipstick with a flower inside (LINK) - So I've been seeing these basically everywhere lately, and I feel like it would be an interesting product to try! The actual lipstick changes colors according to your body temperature, and I am really curious to see if they actually work! :)
Image result for clear lipstick with flower inside
2. Foreo LUNA (LINK) - This skin cleansing tool looks like it works wonders, and I would love to give it a go! The Foreo brand also has a silicon tooth brush thing that looks really cool too! :P

3. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (LINK) - One of my favorite YouTubers (Piinksparkles) uses this eyeliner all the time, and it looks amazing! The line is super thin and defined, so I need to get my hands on this ASAP!
4. Dr. Brandt Magnetight Face Mask (LINK) - So this face mask literally gets taken off your face with a magnet.... :O It looks so so SO cool! I really want to try it! Plus, I totally recommend watching people do this on YouTube... It is super funny! 
5. e.l.f Color Correcting Concealor Sticks (LINK) - I love my e.l.f. concealor palette, so I want to try the individual sticks of color concealors they just came out with! :) I'm sure they work great! 
Image result for elf color correcting sticks
6. Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Body Wash (LINK) - I haven't been to Bath and Body Works in a long long time (crazy right?!), so I want to try one of their new Pumpkin fall scents! YUM!
Image result for bath and body works pumpkin body wash
7. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (LINK) - I've heard some good things about this mascara, so I want to try it to compare it to the They're Real mascara... :)
Image result for benefit roller lash

What beauty/makeup products are on your wishlist? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D <3
Image result for makeup gif
Stay fabulous cupcakes!


  1. Nice list, I'd like 3, 4 and 5. But currently I have some MACs lipsticks and any good eyeshadow palette on my list (makeup revolution maybe) and some great foundation brush (thinking real techniques) :D

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. OOO a real techniques brush would be amazing! <3


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