Saturday, September 17, 2016

DIY: Teacup Succulents

Hey cupcakes! I am coming at you all today with another DIY post! :D I love crafting so much, so of course I was really excited when I had some desk space in my dorm that needed to be filled... I was searching on Pinterest and came across a Buzzfeed article with the cutest idea ever: teacup succulents!!! :O
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Succulents are an awesome way to have some green in your dorm or room because they don't require much attention. Let's get started on the DIY!

What You Need:
-Some type of teacup (they can be actual glass or plastic ones)
-A succulent (these can be found at many stores!)
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There are some many different types of succulents!
-Extra dirt (optional)

What To Do:
1. First, figure out where you want this adorable teacup succulent! I love having one on my desk because nature/green is great to have around when you are stressed out and doing homework :)

Image result for succulent on desk

2. Clean the inside of your teacup! It would be sad to have some type of bacteria in the teacup that would kill your lovely plant!!! :(

3. Take the succulent out of the plastic tray/pot you bought it in, and transfer it into the teacup.

Image result for teacup succulent

4. Move around the dirt so that it looks nice (or add some dirt to make sure it stays in the teacup)!

5. Enjoy your new decoration! :D

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