Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Tips & Tricks for Moving Into College

Hey cupcakes! When you are reading this post, I will be on my way back to college! :D I am so so so excited to go back to school, and I thought I would make a college themed post today to celebrate my excitement :P

Since I am moving back today, I thought it would be great to share my personal tips and tricks on how to successfully pack for/move into college... These tips I have used in my own life (the past few days to be exact!) and can help college students of any age! Let's get started! <3

1. Before you even begin to pack, make a list! I suggest going on Pinterest and looking through the many college packing lists on there... You can also look at the post I wrote last year (HERE) for my go to college list!
Many stores have lists too! 
2. Before you start packing, sort through your stuff! Moving time is the perfect time to donate the things you don't use/need! Plus, then you won't be tempted to overpack :)

3. If you plan on using storage containers in your dorm/apartment (and already have them), pack them with the things that you want to store while living at college! This allows for move-in ready storage that doesn't even need to be unpacked!

4. If you live quite far away from your college, think about purchasing things when you get there. This includes bigger things (like storage, mini fridge, etc.) and will allow you to lug less junk in the car!

5. When you are packing your clothing, pack half (or even less than half) of your wardrobe! Trust me, you will be doing laundry more than you think and won't need to pack all of those clothes. As a bonus, you get to wear the clothes you leave when you come home for the weekend/vacation! :)
Plus, your closet is going to be SMALL!
6. Don't move-in at the same time as your roommate!!!! Figure out how you want to set up the room in advance so that you don't have to worry about two people moving in at once. Give them some space with their family too! 

7. Search for deals when college shopping! Use coupons, discounts, whatever you can find to make your college shopping as cheap as possible! Your college stuff doesn't need to be super expensive or super high quality because it will most likely be ruined by the end of the year anyway... :P

8. Know what's in your dorm/apartment! Don't buy things that you won't need (example: don't buy an iron and ironing board if the kitchenette down the hall has one!).

9. Ship stuff right to your dorm/apartment! Instead of lugging your heavy textbooks all the way to college, have them shipped right to your dorm to eliminate some added weight in the car :)
10. At the end of the year, sort through your stuff again! You will have acquired more stuff than when you moved in, so try to donate some more! Many dorms will have donation bins in community centers, so you don't even need to go very far! :)


What are you college move-in tips? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D


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  2. Hey,
    Lovely tips and I loved the awesome read but don't forget to bring other essentials.If you're moving into a college dorm, you'll have to provide your sheets, blankets and some of the furnishings as well.

    Jacobs and Co


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