Thursday, July 28, 2016

What to Wear to the Fair!

Hey cupcakes! This week my town is having its annual County Fair! The animals, rides, delicious food, and friends inspired me to make a lookbook for what you can wear to your local fair! :) Let's get started!

Outfit 1 - This outfit is inspired by the agricultural side of the fair.... My County fair has tons of animals, and I love love love all of the cute baby animals! I think a flannel tank top with some shorts is totally "farmer chic" :P

Outfit 2 - My boyfriend and I like to go on a fun datenight to the fair :) If you want to look semi decent for the fair, I suggest a summer romper or cute sundress. Pair this with some hot wedges and a cute hat for a totally cute outfit!

Outfit 3 - If you are just going to ride some of the fun rides (or play some of those difficult games!), I suggest wearing some jean capris and your fav crop top. Wear your fav sandals and have an amazing time!!! :D

What do you like to do at the fair? Comment below and don't forget to follow!!

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