Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Leg Shaving Tips & Tricks :)

Hey cupcakes! If you are like me, shaving can be quite annoying and tedious.... Plus, I always seem to cut myself or miss a spot! :( So, I thought I would give you guys some tips and tricks on how to make shaving a breeze! :) Let's get started!
Motivation to shave: They will be so smooth when you are done! 
1. Shave at the end of your shower - This will open up the pores and give you a super close shave :) Hooray - that means less shaving! :P

2. Make sure to use soap or conditioner - Do NOT shave dry! In order to get all of the hairs, you need to lather with soap/body wash or even hair conditioner works great!

3. Purchase a men's razor - Men's razors work so much better! Using a good quality razor on your legs will give you an amazingly close shave!!!
You don't want this to be you! :P
4. Get in the correct position! - Either put your leg on the ledge of the shower, or lift it up so that you can actually see what you are doing! :P

5. Break your leg into chunks - Instead of shaving up your whole leg in one stroke, break it up into about three sections... Shave the bottom portion all around, then the middle portion, then the knee and top portion! This is super duper helpful to get every last hair! :)

6. Make sure to rinse your blade - This will prevent you from getting hair buildup on the razor, which will prevent you from getting all of the hairs!

7. Exfoliate! - Make sure to exfoliate with scrub after you are done to prevent bumps and redness! :)

8. Make sure to use warm water - When shaving, make sure to use warm/hot water still! Warm water will keep the pores open which will make sure you get every last hair!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks for shaving your legs! You got this everyone! ;)

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  1. These tips are awesome! And I love that you included a 3rd Rock picture...haha love it.

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  3. Great tips! I totally agree that shaving without soap or lather is a horrible no, no. Once, I forgot my shaving cream and tried using hair conditioner instead. I wasn't really sure if it would work or if I'd just end up with horrible red razor burn all over my legs. To my surprise hair conditioner works great!

  4. Wow, I had no idea leg shaving could be so complicated! I know my wife struggles with cutting herself every time she shaves so I am going to have to save your post to show her. These seem like some really great tips. Now I'm afraid I might have to start hiding my razors from her.

    William Connors @ The Healing Station


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