Sunday, April 17, 2016

How to Style Graphic Stripes ft. Style the Trend

Hey cupcakes! The spring and summer season is just around the corner! :) As the weather gets warmer, new fashion trends are appearing on the runway and in stores. This means saying goodbye to those out of season winter trends and waving hello to the new ones! :D
This bear has the right idea! :P
When looking at some trends for the upcoming spring and summer season, I have fallen in love with the Graphic Stripe trend! In this post, I have decided to "Style the Trend" and have created four different outfits that embody it using some of my favorite fashion pieces from the designer website Far Fetch. Let's get started! <3

part 1
Click on the items below to see where they can be purchased! :)

Outfit #1 - For this outfit, I found an amazing striped skirt that is perfect for the spring time. The bold print of the skirt is easily paired with a cute black crop top and white kimono. With some black flats and striped bow, this outfit is perfect for a sunny or rainy day! :)

Outfit #2 - Colored jeans are one of my favorite things to wear in the spring and summer months! To embody the graphic stripe trend, a cute t-shirt with a bold design makes the colored pants pop! Pair with your most comfy pair of sandals and you are set to go! :D

part 2
Click on the items below to see where they can be purchased! :*

Outfit #3 - This is personally my favorite outfit! Nothing screams spring/summer more than a cute yellow circle skirt! With a graphic stripe crop top and some strappy sandals, this outfit is perfect for a date night on a warm day! <3

Outfit #4 - Last but not least, this outfit is perfect for any formal event in the spring and summertime. Wearing a cute sun hat is totally optional, but I think it really adds some pizzazz to this look! ;) I also think a darker mauve lip color makes this outfit a jaw-dropper!

Enjoy the new spring and summer trends! :D
How would you style the Graphic Stripe trend? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! :D <3


  1. Amazing looks!
    I had to make a post for this competition too, but not sure if I'll have time, any ways, good luck!

    1. Thanks! I would love to see your post if you made one! :)

  2. great selection honey. nice post.

    Check it out my last post:

    1. Thank you! I will check out your blog <3

  3. adorable pieces! thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week!
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