Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Essentials to Pack for a Road Trip!

Hey cupcakes! Around this time, many people are on Spring Break or are beginning to plan their summer vacations. If you are going on, or plan to go on, a road trip in the near future, this post is for you! I LOVE to travel, so here are my picks for the must have essentials on any road trip! :D Buckle up for your next adventure and get ready to have a blast! <3

On a road trip, you must bring:

1. Audio books/actual books - I totally recommend looking out the window to see everything you can possibly see, but if your road trip is quite long some type of entertainment on the road is a good thing! Check out your local library for some classics you have never read before!

2. WATER - Don't dehydrate yourself (but then again, don't drink too much or you'll be stopping to use the restroom every hour)! Water is super important when you are traveling!

3. Car snacks - This is another must! I recommend getting healthier snack foods versus candy or sugary sweets so that you will be wide awake when driving/traveling. Check out your local grocery store for packaged trail mixes, granola bars, etc. (or check out a website such as
4. Blankets & Pillows  - Blankets and pillow are quite essential for comfort. Trust me!

5. Phone charger - I suggest having all phones off during a road trip so that it really is a wonderful getaway from social media and the like. However, you will still need a phone charger if you use Google Maps or the music off of your phone! :)

6. Your luggage - This is kind of obvious... Bring clothes, bathing suits, etc. for when you get to your destination!

7. Makeup remover wipes/wet wipes - Traveling makes your skin greasy so make sure you prevent any pesky zits from popping up!

8. A journal - Travel journals are amazing, and I honestly love writing/drawing in them as I go! Trust me, you should totally get one!

9. Some type of camera - Whether it is a Polaroid or your phone, road trips are great opportunities to take lots of adorable photos!
10. Sunglasses - Driving with the sun in your eyes is terrible so make sure to bring some sunnies! :)

What will you be bringing on your road trip? Comment below and don't forget to follow!


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