Sunday, February 14, 2016

Story Time: I Was Hit on By a College Professor?!?!

Hey cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day! :D For the holiday, I wanted to do a quick story time post which is a little different for The Chic Cupcake... But hey, why not? :P Let's get started!

So as many of you know, I am currently in my second semester of my freshman year in college. This story takes place last semester when I had to take an English class. Now, I personally don't really enjoy English because I am more of a math and history kind of person. So, I wasn't too excited about this class that happened three times a week at 9 AM. But, I had to take it.

The first day of class went fine. The class was only about 20 or so students, and my professor was this animated dude who liked to sing when he taught. Again, I don't like English that much, and my professor told us he didn't give out As, so I already assumed I wouldn't enjoy this class very much.

The third week of class he required us all to attend his office hours so that he could get to know us. I assigned a time and went to his office just like he asked and everything was fine until I got up to leave. I was almost to the door when he asked me this question:

"Do you always wear that headband?"
My reaction
This might not seem very odd to most people, but I wear the same headband often because it keeps my hair out of my face in class. BUT, it struck me as quite odd because he had only been teaching me for about 6 or 7 classes. Why was he looking at what my headband looked liked? I shrugged it off and kept going to class.

During Thanksgiving break, I went shopping to stock up on food, etc. and bought some new headbands. The first day back of school (Monday = 9 AM English), I decided to try out one of my new headbands. I got to class a bit early so waited outside the door looking on Facebook. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my professor coming down the hall and when he got near me (like literally after 3 seconds), he said,

"Is that a new headband?"

Um, since when does a married 40 something-year-old man care about what I wear in my hair? I was a tad creeped out.

For the remaining classes of the semester, he never commented on my headbands again, but commented on the logos of my t-shirts a couple of times.

"What does that say?"

Um, why do you care? He was real creepy.

But I got an A in the class :) (and yes I worked my butt off to get it!)

And he got fired (no I never complained or anything, the college just didn't sign him back on for the next semester because I guess they didn't think he was a good teacher).

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my brief story time post! :P

Anyone have an interesting professor story? Comment them below and don't forget to follow!

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