Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Experience: Grease LIVE!

Hey cupcakes! As many of you gals may know, FOX recently performed a Live version of the musical Grease! I was super duper excited to watch it (since Grease is one of my fav musicals!), so I thought I would let you know my thoughts after watching the whole thing... Let's get started!

What I Liked About the Show

Overall, I thought the show was great! It wasn't just another remake of the movie everyone knows and loves, and I thought it was the perfect mixture between the actual musical script and the movie. I also really enjoyed the new unique things they added in :) The choreography was so stunning, and the costume changes were beyond perfect (they even had magnetic costumes for costume changes that lasted a few second - AMAZING!)! Some of my favorite characters included:

1. Patty (played by Elle Lemore)

2. Blanche (played by Haneefah Wood) - so hilarious omg

3. Marty (played by Keke Palmer)

These were probably my top three characters, but ALL of the actors/actresses were actually amazing! I really enjoyed how they picked less mainstream people who are still super talented! I also loved how they added old Frenchy and new Frenchy into the same scene... The feels! <3

Last but not least, my favorite scene by far was Greased Lightning! ;)

Honestly, if you haven't watched Grease Live yet, I really recommend it!

*Watch it here: LINK*

What I Didn't Like About the Show

Being a live show, they had a few mistakes (like the sound issue during the hand jive).. But that makes it more like a stage show, so it personally didn't bother me :D Some of the scenes were cheesy (like the race scene which looked so hilariously fake), but Grease is kinda supposed to be a cheesy musical. I loved it all! :P

Final Thoughts

If you haven't already, GO WATCH GREASE LIVE! It blew Sound of Music: Live and Peter Pan: Live out of the water by a tonnnn! Grease is totally the word! <3

What did you think about Grease Live? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D


  1. Ahhh I cannot wait to watch this. I recorded it but I haven't had time yet. You have inspired me. Going to watch it now!

    1. OMG yay! I'm glad I inspired you! Did you like it???


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