Wednesday, February 17, 2016

12 Tips for Staying Fit in College

Hey everyone! As many of you may know, college is known for causing people to gain weight (not the dreaded Freshmen 15!!!!)... Today, I wanted to do a post on my tips and tricks to staying healthy/fit while away at college! Enjoy! :) <3

1. Drink lots of water - Water helps with lots of things: preventing illness, staying hydrated, clearing skin, etc. I drink a TON of water everyday and haven't gotten sick yet this year (knock on wood)... I tell you, the water really helps!

2. Eat healthy - Even though you have unlimited access to food in the dining hall, don't pig out! Make sure you eat enough friuts and vegetables and have lots of healthy snacks in your dorm room during study breaks (don't just binge on potato chips please!).

3. Take the stairs! - If you are on one of the higher floors of your dorm (like me!), take the stairs every once in awhile instead of the elevator! This really gets your heart racing for a quick and easy way to stay fit :)

4. Power walk to class - Instead of taking your sweet old time getting to class, try to power walk to get your heart racing!

5. Walk around campus  - Instead of going directly to your dorm after class, explore your campus! You are going to be there for at least four years so find some great study spots, fun locations, etc. while getting in some steps!

6. Find friends to go to the gym - Going to the gym can be daunting if you are going alone, so find some friends that can go together! This will also help with motivation as you try to stay fit :)

7. Take advantage of free classes - College campuses always have free classes of some sort whether it be yoga, Zumba, etc. Try something new and get your heart racing!

8. Find a local gym, dance studio, etc. - There are always local businesses that non-college students use to stay fit! Check out some of the options, and you might find something totally awesome and new!

9. Fun fact: alcohol is a lot of extra calories - If you party all day every day, you are going to gain weight. Just saying...

10. Join an intramural sports team or student org - Check out the student clubs on campus and join in on intramurals or club sports to stay fit! This is also a great place to make new friends and you might find some really cool options (like a Quidditch team!)! <3

11. Get plenty of sleep - Staying fit also depends on your mental health so really try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep! Trust me, you won't be motivated to stay fit if you are tired all the time!

12. Don't binge eat when you are stressed - Control yourself :P Find something better to do when you are stressed <3

What are your tips for staying fit in college??? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3


  1. These are great tips! Especially to take advantage free classes!

  2. Enough sleep, walks and water. All you need :)
    Nice post!

    xo xo

    1. I totally agree, thanks for stopping by! <3


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