Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Meet Great Friends in College!

Hey cupcakes! When people go off to college, many are concerned with making new friends. Especially if you move away to college, there won't be many people that you already know. College is a great opportunity to make some new friends!!!! It can seem daunting at first so here are my tips and tricks for meeting some amazing people at college! :) Enjoy!

1. Leave your door open! This is crucial if you live in a dorm because people walking down the hallway will just stop and introduce themselves! It's easy and perfect to meet a lot of people at once!

2. Get involved! Join some clubs/student orgs on campus! The more things you are involved in, the most likely you will meet people who have similar interest to you.... BAM new friendships all over the place! Be careful though - don't join too many clubs so that your academics don't suffer!
A student org fair is the perfect way to find clubs to join!
3. Sit next to someone new in lecture! Lectures with hundreds of students in them can seem scary but trying to sit next to a new person makes it seem a little smaller. You can even exchange phone numbers so that if either of you miss, you will be able to catch up in the class :)

4. Be the person who makes the plans! Some students are just uncomfortable going out if they don't know what to do. Be the person on your floor that organizes groups to go to certain events! It will draw people out of their rooms and into new friendships <3

5. Smile or say hello to EVERYONE! Whether you are walking to class or brushing your teeth in the morning, smile or say hello! Everyone will be more likely to strike up a conversation with you if you come across as super friendly. :D

6. Stay in touch with people you meet even after classes are over! If you meet someone in Biology in the fall semester, stay in touch even after you don't have class together the next semester. This will make your friendship last!
Use your phone ;)

How did you make friends in college? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow!

Jenna <3

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