Saturday, January 9, 2016

College Recipes: Spice Up Your Mac n' Cheese!

Hey cupcakes! I have another college themed post for you all today... And it's about food! YAY! Now I'm sure if you are in college, or went to college, you will know that single serve Mac n' Cheese cups are a lifesaver sometimes... They are one of my fav quick meals to make in my dorm room because they take 3.5 minutes and require only water! I decided to make a post dedicated to some of my fav recipes that can take your Easy Mac to the next level..... Enjoy! :D

1. Bacon Mac n' Cheese: Stir in bacon to your Easy Mac cup after it has finished baking in the microwave and the cheese powder has been mixed in.

2. Taco Mac n' Cheese: Stir in crushed Doritos, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese to your finished Easy Mac cup!

3. Extra Cheesy Mac n' Cheese: After your cup has been finished (and fully mixed!), sprinkle extra cheese on the top so it melts right in :) YUM!

4. All American Mac n' Cheese: Stir in some hot dog chunks (and some mustard if you are brave!) for a yummy American treat. You can also use chicken or tuna if you want more protein!
This will take you back to the food your mom fed you! :)
5. Vegetable Mac n' Cheese: Cut up lots of vegetables (I recommend carrots and broccoli!) and stir them in to the finished product. Gives the Easy Mac a slight health kick! :P

I hope you try out some of these yummy recipes! :) Which one is your favorite? Comment below and don't forget to follow!


  1. Oh I definitely want to try the bacon version, it sounds so delicious!

    1. I feel like bacon in anything would be good ;)


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