Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10 Annoying Things Guys Do...

Hey cupcakes! I wanted to do a super random post for you all today... So I decided to compile a list of annoying things that guys do :P Boys are great (sometimes!) but there are a few obnoxious things that guys tend to do.... (This is all for fun so don't hate! :P )

1. Spitting on the ground when they are walking - I've almost been spit on a few times because they don't realize I am there. YUCK! Why do they have to do that?

2.  Crotch grabbing - We've all seen them do it... Fixing "down there" as if no one can notice. Um, do that somewhere private please?

3. Going on their phone when you are talking to them - True, this could go either way... But, I find it really annoying when guys have to "check the score of the game" in the middle of a convo :/

4. Commenting on the appearance of females - I feel like guys publicly feel like they can comment about what a girl is wearing, if she is "hot", etc. Girls talk about that in private so why can't guys? I personally think it is rude.

5. Talking about disgusting bodily functions, etc. - I feel totally uncomfortable when guys talk about gross things when they think they are being "funny"... No thank you, it totally turns us off.

6. NOT opening the door for girls - Be a gentleman! I respect any guy who holds the door open for women :)

7. NOT helping a girl in need - Storytime: I was working an event and had to carry a table to another building... I'm weak so I was struggling hardcore. After about 30 guys walked right by me, a gentleman asked if I need help. He made my day! Help a sister in need when you see us riding the struggle bus okay?! :P

8. ONE. WORD. TEXTS - OMG so frustrating

9. Wearing too much cologne - If the air around you is misty... Get a hint! ;)

10. Blaming the emotions of a female on her monthly friend - Just look at this picture:
SOME LITTLE FRESHMAN BOY SAID THIS TO ME BECAUSE HE KEPT PISSING ME OFF and literally all I wanted to do was beat his little face so he had a period of his own coming from his nose:

What other annoying things do guys do that really bother you? Comment below and don't forget to follow! If you want me to do an "Annoying Things Girls Do..." post, let me know in the comments too! :D <3



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  1. I'd like to see annoying things girls do too :) so we would be equal :)
    btw, I totally agree with your list. I can live with everything, but first two facts are just sooo annoying and impolite!!!


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