Saturday, November 14, 2015

Taste Testing Random Foods Part 5

Hey cupcakes! Everyone seems to really enjoy my random taste test posts, so I thought I would do another one for you all today! :) If you haven't check out my previous taste testings, you can see them all here: 1,2,3,4! Enjoy! :D

1. Jetty Punch Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe
I was thirsty one morning after my first class, so I decided to take a trip to Tropical Smoothie Cafe since I had never been there before. I wanted to go for something pretty basic, so I ordered the Jetty Punch smoothie (which is just a strawberry banana smoothie). The thing was pretty gigantic (it lasted me all day because I drink things really slow!) but then again it was around $5-6. The flavor was kind of bland, and I didn't really enjoy it that much. The McDonald's strawberry banana smoothies taste wayyyyy better (even though they are probably much worse for you) and is much cheaper, so I will not be repurchasing the Jetty Punch one.

2. Jelly Belly Sport Beans (Quick Energy for Sports Performance)
So I saw these for free at my workplace and had to try them for this post! I am not really a fan of jelly beans in the first place, and the whole "quick energy" thing just seems very odd. The actual bean is a bit bigger than a normal sized Jelly Belly, but the flavors were pretty similar. They tasted just like fruit flavors and they didn't have an aftertaste or anything. However, I didn't feel energized or anything after eating them, so I don't know how much they actually work :P But, I don't think many athletes would eat candy before working out but go for it if you want...... Probably won't eat these again.

3. Zombie Food from Skybar
Alright, so I got one of these around Halloween.... The one I ate was a chocolate shaped brain with red caramel on the inside. The chocolate wasn't the greatest (it had that waxy texture to it) and the caramel was just like any other cheap caramel you would find in candy. I personally found the whole thing kind of gross because the caramel was red, but I'm sure kids would love these if they recieved them trick-or-treating (mental note for next year :P).

I hope you enjoyed this post! :D Stay tuned for more taste test posts each month! <3

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