Saturday, November 28, 2015

5 Must-Have Beauty Products for the Winter Season

Hey cupcakes! Winter is here! We just had the first snowfall a few days ago, and it is cold, cold, COLD! This new winter season comes with a transition for not only clothes but for your beauty products too! Here is a list of my must-have beauty products that are super essential during the winter months.... Enjoy!

1. A nice lip balm - Your lips will be getting quite chap during the winter (especially if you are in college like me and will be walking around a lot!), so it is important to have a good lip balm to keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Nothing is appealing like bloody, cracked lips! :P
2. Hand lotion - Again, your skin will be very dry! I would recommend having hand lotion with you all the time!
3. Body butter - I find that body butter does a better job of keeping the skin moisturized during the winter months than the typical Bath and Body Works lotion. Plus, it leaves your skin so soft after the shower!
4. Light foundation - Heavy foundation in the winter is going to leave your skin feeling really gross, so I'd recommend a lighter foundation or BB cream. This will dry out your skin less and make it still look healthy during the winter months!
5. Waterproof mascara - This is optional, but if you are going to be walking around in the snow a lot (again, like college students! :P) I would go for a waterproof mascara so the snow doesn't ruin your eye makeup during the day...
I hope you enjoyed this list! What products are essential to your makeup routine in the winter? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :) <3


  1. Haha, your last point reminded me of walking back and forth in university in the winter, every once in awhile getting a snowflake right in the eye and, of course, being worried that my makeup had gone all funny (if it had, no one ever mentioned it to me!).

    I've got a post like this coming up, pretty much the same things (and even two of the same brands!). Great minds think alike! I didn't include makeup things because it's more about skin, but a good moisturiser for all of your parts (lips, hands, face, body) are all a must-have!


  2. I wish we got enough of a winter to use a lot of those products, haha. I use the lip balm and body butters year round for my dry skin.



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