Saturday, October 17, 2015

15 Tips & Tricks for Dealing with a LDR

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be talking about Long Distance Relationships.... I am currently going to college two hours away from my boyfriend and where he is going to college, so I thought I would write out some tips for other couples who might be going through the same thing. I hope these tips are helpful! Enjoy! <3

1. Long distance relationships suck - This might seem harsh, but it is true. The result at the end is worth it though, so even though it is difficult, it is 150% worth it!!!! <3

2. Call and Skype! - Even if you text or have to deal with a time difference, make sure you find some time to call and Skype. It is so nice to hear your significant others voice and to see their face after a stressful day at school!
3. Make sure you don't spend all your time texting them - I know it sucks that they aren't there, but you have to live your own life too. Don't stay in your room Skyping them every night... go do things! It will make for an awesome phone call later on.

4. Plan visits - Nothing is better than seeing your boyfriend (or girlfriend) after not seeing them for days/weeks/etc!!!!!!! The feeling is amazing and is totally worth the wait :) <3

5. You will miss them ALL THE TIME - You just have to get used to the fact that they aren't there and that you will miss them every second of every day.... :/
6. Keep each other informed about what is happening in your lives - Even though there is some distance between you, make sure you still know what is happening in each other's lives!

7. If you don't think it is worth it, it probably isn't - For me and my boyfriend, it is totally worth it. <3 But I know some people who realized they just weren't right for each other. This is ok!! There are plenty of other fish in the sea :) Don't feel like you have to be stuck in a LDR if you don't want to be!

8. Talk about missing each other and your feelings - It actually makes me feel better if my boyfriend and I talk about how sad/frustrated we are with the LDR. It helps us stay on the same page and makes it easier to cheer each other up. <3

9. Stay positive! - This is super important! If you don't believe you can survive the distance, you probably won't be able to... Stay positive and make the most out of a horrible situation!!!!!!!! <3

10. Believe in your relationship - Many people have the belief that LDRs never work out so make sure you don't start to believe that notion too! It IS possible to make a long distance relationship work! :)
11. Tell each other you love them every day - This is so important! It helps you stay positive and happy even though you are far away.

12. Write letters! - I will tell you for a fact that nothing is better than getting a surprise letter in the mail! Even if you don't send care packages or gifts, a letter is so heartfelt and adorable!
13. Prepare to be sad after they have left from a visit - When they leave is the absolute worst, and you will feel the saddest afterwords. Make sure you try to stay positive and know that you will see them again soon!

14. Cry - If you miss them, it is totally okay to cry. Crying will actually make you feel better because it is a good way to release all of those emotions inside of you!

15. When you come home, make sure to spend time with your significant other AND your family - Even though it might seem important to see your boyfriend/girlfriend as much as you can, your family hasn't seen you in awhile either! Make sure to visit them both equally so everyone is happy <3

I hope these tips were helpful! If I think of more, I might do a follow up post later on! :D If you are going through/have gone through a long distance relationship, what tips do you have? Comment below and don't forget to follow!

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