Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Dinosaur Trend!

The Dinosaur Trend

Hey cupcakes! If some of you don't already know, I LOVE dinosaurs :) If they were still alive they would totally be my favorite animal! :P So, you can imagine how excited I was when dinosaur themed fashion pieces started to pop up in my favorite store...... UM YESSSSS! <3 I have seen so many adorable dinosaur items already, and it seems like this trend is just taking off! From a dinosaur clutch at Forever 21 to a dinosaur dress at Modcloth, there are tons of trendy dinosaur pieces out on the market! I totally recommend purchasing some of these pieces :D Click on the image below to see where you can buy it!!!!

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  1. Aw, those pieces are so cute! I think for me I would have to keep the dinosaur theme to smaller pieces, socks, phone cases... Underwear would be cute, haha! I imagine you were pretty pumped this past year with all of the Jurassic World stuff happening ;)


    1. I was super pumped! I can't wait for the Pixar movie "The Good Dinosaur" to come out this Thanksgiving!


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