Monday, September 21, 2015

Taste Testing Random Food Part 3

Hey cupcakes! I have another taste testing post for you all today! :) If you haven't seen the first parts of this series of posts, check them out here and here! Enjoy! <3

1. Burstin' BBQ Goldfish
I loveeee Goldfish crackers! I also love barbecue chips and Pringles, so when I saw these at the store I just had to get them! :) Like other Flavor Blasted Goldfish, the BBQ flavoring is added to the outside of a regular Goldfish cracker (which gets your fingers a bit messy :P). The BBQ flavor on these tastes more smokey than other BBQ flavored things I have tried, but they were really tasty! You can taste the classic Goldfish flavor with the BBQ too which results in a really interesting flavor. There is no barbecue aftertaste, and you are left feeling like you just ate a regular Goldfish cracker..... I totally recommend these! Super yummy! :D

2. Baconator Fries from Wendy's
When I first saw the commercials for Baconator Fries at Wendy's, I thought they looked super gross... But I wanted to try them anyway for this post! ;) The fries are just normal Wendy's fries with nacho like cheese and bacon on top. They look kind of nasty when you get them, but they weren't that bad... They pretty much just taste like fries covered with nacho cheese and once in a while you will taste a bit of bacon. I didn't finish the whole thing of fries, and I probably won't repurchase them... But they weren't the most awful thing to eat. :P

3. Dark Chocolate Shake from Steak n' Shake
I never had actually been to a Steak n' Shake before, so I just had to go and try one of their shakes! I decided to get the Dark Chocolate one, and the price was around $4.... It was served with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a cherry on top, and it looked super yummy! The actual shake really just tasted like a regular chocolate shake (not really dark chocolate), and it was creamy and delicious! I would have to say it was wayyyy better than a McDonald's Chocolate Shake :) Definitely will get this again!!!!! <3

What crazy foods would you like me to try next? Comment below and don't forget to follow!!!!!! :D 


  1. I haven't seen one of these posts before, it was a little unexpected, haha! Interesting, though! Aside from the bacon, I don't see how the baconator fries could be bad. In my opinion there are few things you can't put on fries ;)

    I'm assuming you're American (or at the very least in North America), so maybe you could try one of those Lays flavour contest chips? Maybe find the oddest flavour?


    1. Wow, the Lays chips idea is great! I will have to find some to try! :)


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