Friday, September 25, 2015

My 7 Must Have Dorm Foods!

Hey cupcakes! I have been living in my dorm room for quite some time now.... and I LOVE it! :) However, I occasionally get hungry. Today I have compiled a list of the perfect dorm foods that should be in every college student's room! I hope you enjoy! <3

1. Water - Water is essential to good health and hydration, so you should have a reusable water bottle or plastic water bottles in your mini fridge or just in your room somewhere. Make sure you drink a lot of water!!!!

2. Oatmeal - Oatmeal is super easy to make in a dorm. Just heat up some water in the microwave and add the packet! It is also pretty filling, so it keeps you full for awhile. YUM

3. Ramen - Ramen is another super easy thing to make in the microwave :) Just don't eat it too much or you will intake wayyyyy too much salt!

4. Mac n' Cheese - I found these awesome mac n' cheese cups that I can make in the micro. Super awesome to have around if you miss a meal or need a late night snack <3

5. Soup - Believe it or not, cans of soup are awesome to cook in a microwave! All you have to do is heat it up, and it tastes just like soup from home.

6. Granola bars - You NEED granola bars! Throw some in your backpack, purse, etc. so you won't lose energy if you are out and about. They are great quick snacks between meals!
7. Snacks - Lastly, make sure you have some snacky type foods like Goldfish, chips, cookies, etc. Don't gain the Freshmen 15 by eating them all the time, but they are good to have in your dorm if you are starving or have guests over.
Don't be like her... eat balanced nutritious meals!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Would you like to see more college related posts? Comment below your suggestions! Have a great day <3 :D


  1. Definitely some good recommendations! The most likely to be found food in my dorm room (especially last year) was tea. At one point, between my roommate and I, I'm sure we had fifteen different boxes and bags! Rice cakes are also a good one to have, too. If you get a little salt craving you can eat a rice cake and do as little damage as possible while also putting that craving to rest.


    1. Rice cakes sound super good! I might have to buy some for my room :)

  2. Definitely a good list! I'd also add a healthy cereal and some fresh veggies :) I always have healthy freezer dinners as well (like Lean Cuisine's).


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