Friday, September 11, 2015

A Quick Tutorial on Using Polyvore

Hey cupcakes! I have received many questions on how I make the fashion collages on The Chic Cupcake. The answer is simple: Polyvore! I found this website when I just started blogging (which was so long ago!!!) and have been using it ever since. :) It is really a holy grail blogging tool for me! It is simple to use and allows me to express all of my ideas to my wonderful followers <3 Today, I wanted to give you guys a quick tutorial on how to create awesome collages on Polyvore too... Let's get started!

Now when you first go to the Polyvore website, you will see some trending fashion items and collages.

In order to create your own fashion outfits, you will have to make a free account. Here is mine:
Even if you aren't into making your own outfits, you can explore so many things on this website! You can look at popular items in clothing, shoes, home, etc. and can even look at other people's awesome collages :) However, I really recommend you show the world your fashion style by making some cool looks!

To get started, hover over the Create button on the top bar. A drop down menu of Set, Collection, or Template will appear. Choose Set!
You should get a screen that looks like this:

Now comes the fun part! :D You can click on all the categories to find certain pieces you are looking for, or search for them in the search bar! When you want to add an item to your collage, click on Add to Set under the description of the item.
It will then be added to your collage! <3 You can flip the image around, change the background of it, clone it, remove it if you choose, change the size of it, and make it go behind or in front of other photos. Awesome right????!!!
When you collage is completed, all you have to do is click the blue Publish button on the top left of the collage! Ta-da! Your fashion collage is complete and shared with the world!!!!!!!!!

What I love about Polyvore is that you can also create collages with furniture, candles, home decor, text, backgrounds, and so many other things! The options are endless! What are you going to create?

Comment below your Polyvore accounts, so I can check out all the cool things you create! I hope this tutorial was helpful :D Have an awesome day! 

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