Monday, September 7, 2015

5 Easy Back to School Nails!

Hey cupcakes! School is finally here! This means new clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and of course nails! I personally love to express my style through my nails, so I scoured Google images to find some really awesome and unique nail designs that YOU can rock in the fall :) Enjoy!

P.s. If you haven't checked out my Watermelon Nails, go!

1. Strawberry nails - Believe it or not, I rocked this mani my first week of school freshmen year. A ton of people started talking to me by complimenting my nails... It was such an easy way to start a conversation with people I didn't know!

2. The Half Moon nails - Looks super trendy and chic! Very easy to do :)

3. Mustache nails - Um, my favorite! These are so simple and cute! I love how the mustache is small yet a prominent feature of the manicure :P
4. Colorful french manicure - This adds a twist on the classic white tip manicure... Use your favorite color!
5. Ombre nails - So cute! This is also super easy to do and the outcome is awesome! <3

Which nail design is your favorite? Comment below! :D

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