Tuesday, September 29, 2015

4 Ways to Rock an Aztec Print

4 Ways to Rock an Aztec Print
Hey cupcakes! I have another fashion collage today for you all! :D I have been seeing the Aztec print EVERYWHERE recently. From cute cardigan to skirts, this print is super cute! I decided to style four different Aztec printed things today, so you can get some fashion outfit inspiration for many different articles of clothing instead of just one! Let's get started!

1. Aztec cardigan - I love a printed cardigan because it is the star of the outfit :) Just wear a neutral tank (or shirt!) and some skinny jeans.... Ta-da! Such a cute and easy look! Don't you just love the cat flats I found? ;)

2. Aztec sweater - This is personally my favorite way to style the Aztec trend because I have a super cute Aztec sweater in my closet :D All you have to do is throw on your favorite pair of pants, the adorbs sweater, and some booties! Takes about 2 seconds to get dressed, and you will still look super amazing!

3. Aztec top - You could either pair an Aztec top with just some skinny jeans as well, or you can dress it up! I think a black circle skirt would look amazing! <3

4. Aztec leggings - If you are all about the printed leggings, rock some Aztec ones! Wear your fav top or crew neck sweatshirt for a comfy look all day :)

I hope this collage gave you some ideas on how to rock the Aztec pieces in your wardrobe! How do you style the Aztec print? Comment below!

My fashion collage posts are by far my most popular posts on The Chic Cupcake... What other fashion collages would you like to see???? Comment below, and I will totally make the collages you want to see! :) Have a great day!


  1. Nothing like a gorgeous print! The way you balanced these out is perfect. The first two looks are my favourites. They are so cute and casual!


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