Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Face Shape Do You Have?

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be teaching you guys how to figure out what face shape you have!!! Now some people might think this is silly or dumb, but the truth is, you should know what face shape you have if you want to compliment your beauty with your hair! Every face shape looks good in certain hairstyles whether it be a bob, medium waves, or a pixie cute... So find the best one for you! To find your face shape, follow the steps below!

1. Find an old lipstick you don't use anymore (or buy a cheap one at the Dollar Tree)

2. Pull your hair back in a pony tail, so you can see the whole outline of your face!

3. Stand in front of a mirror and using the lipstick, trace the outline of your face :)

4. Step back and figure out what shape your face is! Use this handy chart:

Ta-da!!!!!!!!! You can now research the hairstyles that fit your face shape!!!!!!! :D What face shape do you have? Comment below!


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