Saturday, August 22, 2015

Taste Testing Random Foods Part 2

Hey cupcakes! Not too long ago I decided to do a post on taste testing random foods... It seemed like you guys really enjoyed the first one, so I am back today with another random taste test!!!!  :) I hope you enjoy this post! <3

1. Chicken and Dumplings from Cracker Barrel
I recently found myself in Cracker Barrel and instead of getting the usual (which is breakfast foods YUM!) I opted to try the famous Chicken and Dumplings... They were so tasty!!!! The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the dumplings had a noodle like consistency. The gravy was super yummy and pulled the whole dish together! This meal also came with two sides, so the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were super delicious add ons. :P I really recommend this meal!

2. Horehound Candy Stick
After eating at Cracker Barrel I looked around the cute little store they have in the restaurant. I'm sure many of you guys do the same thing! :) They had a whole bunch of candy sticks there that were 8 for $1, so I decided to get a few. I saw a dark brown candy stick that was Horehound flavor.....and I just had to get it! I have never ever heard of anything Horehound flavored, and it looked like it might taste good. Boy was I wrong! NEVER eat anything Horehound flavored.... The only way I can describe it was that it tasted like bitter dirt. The internet says the Horehound plant is a bitter mint but there is NO trace of mint. It was awful! Never try Horehound! 

3. Watermelon Sour Patch Kid Slurpee
So if you read my last taste test post, you would have seen my excited review about watermelon Sour Patch Kids.... so you can probably guess how excited I was when they came out with a watermelon Sour Patch Kids Slurpee!!! :D I rushed over to my closest 7-11 to try it... And it was good, but not amazing like I had hoped. :/ As I mentioned in my taste test of the regular candy, the watermelon ones aren't as sour as the plain Sour Patch Kids... But in the Slurpee they made it super sour. The flavor was pretty close, and I really enjoyed the drink for the first few sips, but then it just got too sour! I couldn't even finish it... I would still recommend you try it though, because you might enjoy the sour! <3

4. Tim Horton's Frozen Hot Chocolate
After seeing this new specialty drink advertised, my friend got one and raved about it for like a week. So of course I had to try it! :P It was around $2.60ish and was a decent size, and I actually really enjoyed it! I was expecting it to be a bland cold chocolate flavor, but it really tasted more like a chocolate shake than hot cocoa. They put chocolate whipped cream on top and chocolate drizzle which was super duper yummy! I would totally recommend this drink for the hot summer months! :)

I hope you enjoyed this random taste test post! :D Comment below with foods and drinks you would like me to try!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day! :)


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