Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Style Lashes & Lingerie Challenge ft. Adore Me

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be talking about lingerie... That's right! The Chic Cupcake has never ventured into the lingerie world, but recently I felt the need to address this more intimate side to fashion. So many well known brands sell bras, underwear, and lingerie, and these undergarments have become a part of high fashion. Wear your personal style with trendy clothes AND lingerie! It will make you feel unstoppable and totally chic :)

I recently came across the brand Adore Me. This brand sells lingerie and swimwear, and their styles change with every season.... just like clothes! I personally LOVE the cute bras they sell, and I wanted to create some summer style inspiration with some of their pieces. I hope you enjoy! <3

Pair this cute bra:
With this cute summer outfit:

Pair this cute bra:
With a killer summer dress like this:

The things you wear that no one can see can still be stylish, fashionable, and sexy! ;) Check out some of these other cute summer bras...... How would you style them? Comment below!!!!!

*Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to do this post! I was approached by Adore Me and wanted to do it!*

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