Saturday, August 8, 2015

Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have!

Hey cupcakes! :) Today I will be doing a post about makeup! I feel like I haven't done a makeup post in a long time! This post will be a list of all the makeup products every girl should have in her makeup collection :) Whether you have a ton more makeup or just these essentials, you will still look fabulous and gorgeous! Let's get started!

Every girl should have these makeup products:  

1. A good mascara - Even if you only use mascara on your eye makeup, your eyes will still be emphasized and look super pretty!
2. Eyeliner - Even if you only wear this on special occasions, it is a must!
3. An eyeshadow palette - I recommend a palette made especially for your eye color :) This will make them stand out!
4. A brow pencil - Filling in your brows is something that you can't skip!!!!
5. Concealer - A red spot or too looks so much better covered up! :P
6. Foundation - Even if you only wear foundation occasionally (like me heehee) you should have it handy! I personally enjoy wearing just concealer and powder on a daily basis....
7. Powder - Gotta keep that shine away!
8. Blush/bronzer palette - This is recommended but isn't really essential.... But it makes you look super flawless ;)
9. Lip balm - Keep away those dry lips!
10. Lip Gloss - Even if you don't have lipstick, lip gloss should do the trick!!!!

11. Brushes - Gotta apply the makeup somehow! :P To see my top 5 brushes, check out my past post here: link

I hope you guys enjoyed!!!!!! These products are the bare minimum, so of course you can add as many other products to your collection as you see fit! :)

What other products do you like to use? Comment below! <3


  1. These are definitely some important must haves. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is definitely the list of basics! :) Good post, I haven't seen one like this before :)

    1. Thanks so much!!!! I tried to make sure I covered everything :)

  3. Lovely products

    Love Vikee


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