Friday, August 28, 2015

Four Seasons ft. Cinderella

Four Seasons ft. Cinderella

Hey cupcakes! :) Today I wanted to make a fashion collage and was listening to some Disney music.... Here is the result! LOL! ;) I made some outfit ideas that are all inspired by Cinderella for each season!! Enjoy!

1. Winter: For my winter outfit, I paired a baby blue sweater with some skinny jeans. This outfit couldn't be complete with some Uggs! <3

2. Spring: Springtime means bringing out those skirts! I pair this skirt with a gorgeous white blouse, some combat boots, and a cute headband! Totally screams Cinderella!

3. Summer: This gorgeous blue dress is perfect for summer! A pair of adorable wedges (that you hopefully will not lose during the night :P) completes this outfit <3

4. Fall: I paired some denim jeans with a long sleeve shirt for the effortless Cinderella look :) Add some Keds and you are good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this Disney post! :) Which outfit is your favorite? Comment below!!!!!


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