Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to School Essentials: High School Edition!

Hey cupcakes! As I just graduated high school, I have spent the last four years in high school. Even though those days have come to an end, I have created the ultimate back to school essentials list for success in high school :) If you want to know how to succeed, stick around!!!! I hope you enjoy! :)

1. Backpack - This might seem like a DUH, but I have seen so many high schoolers who don't have a backpack.... Get one! I recommend the High Sierra Swerve backpacks :)

2. Planner - Trust me, you need a planner to remember everything. Your phone isn't good enough you need to WRITE it down!!!!

3. Notebooks - Have a notebook for each class so your notes are in their own categories and organized!

4. Folders - Have a folder for each class as well (and color code them if you please.. it sounds really lame but helped me stay super on top of everything!) to keep loose papers together!

5. Loose leaf paper - This is helpful alllllllll the time!

6. Pencils - Pencils are a must! Even if you don't get pens, you have to have pencils!

7. Pencil case - To store your pencils in of course ;)

8. Calculator - Really handy for math and even if they are expensive, they will last for a longggg time!

See? High school isn't that bad!!!! :P If you have these 8 essentials, you are sure to success! Good luck!!!!

What other supplies did you find helpful in high school? Comment below! :)


  1. A planner is the most important thing, if you ask me! It is the best way to remember due dates!

  2. Nice post

    Love Vikee


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