Friday, July 31, 2015

The Love/Hate Tag!

Hey cupcakes! :) Today I will be doing the love/hate tag!!! I was tagged by Linnie from Linxnee (see her post here). The tag basically makes you write a list of ten things you hate and ten things you love!! Let's get started! :)

10 Things I Hate
1. Mayonnaise - This thick white condiment makes me sick just thinking about it! So gross!
2. Toothpaste in the sink - This might be weird, but it totally grosses me out!!! People need to just clean up after themselves!
3. Being scared - This is super duper broad, but I hate being scared! It is not something I enjoy feeling like, so I tend to avoid scary movies, haunted houses, etc. :P
4. People who block others walking when having a conversation - Ummmmm SO irritating!!!!!!!!!
5. Pimples - Those pesky things just annoy me so much! 
6. Lying - I hate people who lie about things.... Being truthful is so much better and easier!!
7. Arrogance - Nothing irritates me more than a person who is cocky and arrogant yuckkkk ;)
8. Biking - This is not the exercise for me! Lol I hate biking so so much! 
9. Disrespect- People who lack respect for others really irritate me :/
10. Arguments - Any kind of argument annoys me.... I know they are usually necessary to solve problems, but I hate them just the same! 

10 Things I Love
1. Kind people - I will love pretty much anyone who is kind (this includes my family and friends of course!)
2. Books - Reading is amazing, and I love getting smarter by reading books :)
3. Math - I know I'm weird but math has always been my favorite subject!
4. Clean rooms - I love spotless clean rooms (like my own bedroom!) :P Messes just make me stressed!
5. Sweets - Haha I'm a sucker for sweets and cake and candy and pie and ice cream ;) Who isn't? 
6. Disney - Ummmm yes please! The characters, movies, songs, I love it all!!!
7. Singing - I am a huge singer! Singing helps me get through anything and everything! <3
8. Blogging - I didn't realize how much I enjoy writing on The Chic Cupcake until this year when I started posting every other day :)  I love all the comments I receive and can't  wait to see where this blog takes me!! :)
9. Crafts - I am a huge crafter :P I love DIY projects and making things out of random supplies.... It is sooooooo fun!
10. Dinosaur stickers - This is really random lol but I have been obsessed with all the cute dinosaur stickers at the Dollar Tree! ;)
So cute ;)

If you read this post, I TAG YOU!!!!!! :))))

Comment below the links to your posts, and I can't wait to see what you hate/love!!! <3 


  1. The mayo and biking in your Hates made me laugh for some reason. I grew up in a small town and practically lived on my bike for three seasons of the year. It was so fun to just hop on and go cruising around. I live in the country now and I'm old and fat and out of shape and don't even own a bike. I miss it. It would be fun to ride these quiet country roads but I'd be afraid of farm dogs chasing me now.

    I like your Blogging entry in your Love section. I love blogging too, even when I'm in my dark moods and think I don't. And it's the interaction from the comments that I think I love the most.

    Dinosaur stickers, eh? I don't think I've paid any attention to those. I'm always looking at the foxes and owls. lol



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