Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Emoji Trend ;)

The Emoji Trend

Hey cupcakes!!!! Today I will be talking about the latest trend to hit popular fashion: emojis! Ever since the emoji keyboard has been put on certain phones, iPads, etc., the emoji has gotten more and more well known. Recently, every store I have been in has sold some kind of emoji fashion product! From Rue21 to online retailers, this trend is taking the world by storm. In the collage above I picked some of my personal favorite emoji fashion piece...... Which one is your favorite?!

To find where each product came from, click on its image beow :)


  1. True!! Emojis are dominating our world. But they are good for back to school essentials ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. I haven't seen any yet but yes!!!!!!!!


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