Saturday, July 25, 2015

Giveaway Winnings: Unboxing!!!

Hey cupcakes!!!!!! Recently, I entered a giveaway run by Deb over on It's Always Something..... AND I WON!!!! I've never won a giveaway before, so I was super pumped! :) Deb writes some awesome posts about such a variety of things that I have always enjoyed reading her blog, and she deserves so many more followers than she has <3 Go check out her blog RIGHT NOW and go subscribe!!!!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed I promise :D Anyways, this giveaway was a planner kit from the dollar section of Target. I am going to college next year, so a nice planner will be super helpful!

Deb mailed this package super quick and the packaging was so so sooooooo cute! Look at those amazing whale stickers :)
The actual package
The inside wrapping was also super cute (and was very patriotic since the giveaway ended Independence Day weekend!)... I loved the card :) Again, go follow her blog!!!!
Whale sticker again! ;)
Here is what the prize was:
First off, the planner!!!!! LOVE IT!
All the other goodies inside!
Close up of all the goodies :)
The prize included the planner, calendar pages and dividers, note pad paper, two sets of adorable stickers, sticky notes, page flags, gel pens, and gold washi tape!!!!! If you would like to check out Deb's photos of each individual product, check out the original giveaway post (and don't forget to follow!): HERE.

Thanks so much for reading this post and another huge thank you to Deb for this awesome giveaway prize!!!!! <3 Don't forget to follow both of our blogs ;) 


  1. So glad everything arrived safely and that you will be enjoying it all. =)

    My blog is a huge mess right now as I try to fix an 'error in judgement.' I might just cut my losses and pretend that 'rage delete' session never happened. *sigh*


    1. I can't wait to use the planner kit at college! Thanks again!!!!! I hope you fix your blog soon! :D


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