Friday, July 3, 2015

5 Ways To Show Your Patriotism

Hey cupcakes! The Fourth of July is tomorrow!!!!! :) Whether you are watching a parade, having a BBQ, or going to see fireworks, showing your patriotism on Independence Day is a must! Here are a few ideas to show off that red, white, and blue! <3

1. Paint your nails! - Nothing screams America more than a cute mani or pedi ;)
2. Wear some patriotic clothes! - Whether you style American flag shorts (as seen in a previous post) or an American shirt, show off your pride <3
3. Wear a cute American accessory! - If you don't want to wear a red, white, and blue outfit at least wear a cute bow, necklace, or other accessory :D
4. Paint your face! ;)
5. GO ALL OUT! - Wear an Uncle Sam suit, eagle costume, anything!!!!! :)
I hope everyone has an amazing Independence Day weekend! :) Have fun wearing that red, white, and blue <3 <3


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