Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Problem with College Scholarship

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be doing a rant post about college scholarships, so if you do not enjoy ranting you do not need to continue on.

Ok, so I am a senior in high school this year, and I have recently graduated. This year I have applied for many many scholarships to help with my college fees in the fall, and I have noticed how unfair they are. I will split them into two categories: local/state scholarships and national scholarships. Now for local scholarships you will ONLY win if you know people involved with the organization. I am Valedictorian, one of the top students in my grade by ACT score, and am involved in over 15 extracurriculars in my school, town, and church in community service, choirs, Quizbowl, etc. Yet, all of the local scholarships I applied for went to people who had family members or close friends that worked for those organizations and barely participated in anything other than going to school. This included the Elks Lodge, Knights of Columbus, and the Women's Club in my town. I am not trying to be a sore loser, but how is it fair to any applicants other than me that did not win also? These scholarships are based on essays, yet you must still have your name on it. Why isn't it anonymous? I find it truly unfair that organizations make scholarships biased because many people need that money for college. It just isn't right to me! For one particular scholarship, I spent a ton of time writing an awesome essay. A girl I know wrote the essay two hours before it was due, but she won because both parents work in the organization. Fair right? 

Now national scholarships are hard to win in general just because they accept people from across the nation. The money that can be won is a lot more than local ones, but you will probably never win the national scholarships. So why are local ones so unfairly run then? If you can't win national scholarships due to the huge odds not in your favor, and then you can't win local scholarships due to the biased nature of them, what is the point of even applying? I tried for 20 scholarships and did not win a single one. I wasted weeks and so many hours working on essays and perfecting them and filling out applications, and I still have no extra money for college. My advice to juniors that will be seniors next year is: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Even though you may be the best and the brightest, someone who doesn't try as hard as you will win. It totally sucks!

Alright, I am done ranting...


  1. I totally understand your rant. This is something I dealt with when I was a senior in high school. I found that certain organizations that offered scholarships only gave them to friends of employees or people of a certain background.....it was extremely limiting. I am sorry you are stuck dealing with this :(


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