Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Jewel Sugar Wishlist!

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be doing a post on my top favorite products from Jewel Sugar! I recently just stumbled across this brand, and their products are so unique and gorgeous! They have many different style jewelry pieces from delicate to statement that are suitable for every occasion under the sun :) I personally love more simple jewelry products, but I have been dying to try a cute statement necklace with a LBD! <3 Go check out this website (they have FREE SHIPPING and a free gift with every jewelry purchase!!), and you won't be disappointed!!! The prices are perfect, and the quality makes them well worth the money you spend :)

1. Getting to Bow You Necklace $14.99 (link): This necklace is so girly and cute! It would be the perfect happy medium between a simple and statement necklace!
2. Key-ping a Secret Pendant $29.99 (link): This is a longer necklace, and it could be paired with so many different outfit! It would look super cute with a solid v neck tee and jeans with some Converse, don't you think? I love the geometric aspect of this piece :)
3. See You Ladle Necklace $15.99 (link): This necklace is super cute!!! You literally wear the stars on your neck! :) I find this theme super trendy and original!
4. Tweet Me Necklace $22 (link): This is by far my favorite necklace on Jewel Sugar! I have been eyeing this necklace for so so so long because it is just so darn cute!!!
5. Equestrian Pocket Watch Pendant $24 (link): This pendant necklace is jaw dropping! I saw this and fell in love! It totally reminds me of Alice in Wonderland :) The perfect statement necklace that can make your outfit look super chic (plus it is a watch so you will never be late!)<3
6. Julep Marquise Bib Necklace $34 (link): This statement necklace would be amazing with a little black dress! Amazing color scheme!

I really recommend you go check out this website! Every new page of products made me even more excited because I kept finding such amazing things! :) Well worth the time I promise!!!
                                                                 Again ----> LINK
What are your favorite products? Comment below!!!! <3

*Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to talk about this company!*


  1. All of these items are super cute. They look vintage and my favorite is the bow necklace ^__^

    Linxnee-Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. The bow necklace is really cute! I need to purchase it soon :)

  2. Oooooo everything you posted are so pretty!! I like the key necklace the most though :)


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