Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Outfits: Jean Capris 4 Ways

Jean Capris 4 Ways

Hey cupcakes! Spring is finally here! YAY! Today I made a spring collage with 4 different outfit ideas using the same pair of jean capris! Capris are the perfect pants to wear during the springtime because they are perfect for the wonderful weather! I hope you enjoy these four outfits!

-The first outfit is kind of nautical inspired, with a cute anchor shirt and some boating shoes. :)
-The second outfit pairs Converse with a plain v-neck tee that creates a cute yet casual look!
-The third outfit is semi dressy and it pairs a plain tank (you can use your favorite summer tank top!) with a cute blazer. :) Totally adorable!
-The last outfit is the most casual and all you need is your favorite hoodie/sweatshirt and Keds!

I hope you found some great spring outfit inspiration! Which one is your favorite???? Comment below and follow my blog!


  1. Aw! I haven't worn jean capris in ages!

  2. Love the outfit ideas !


  3. I like the 3 outfit very well. ^^


  4. Hey, great post, love it!
    I already follow you on GFC , hope you can also follow me back!

  5. Love the last outfit! That totally looks like something I would wear on a cool spring day. The top is one of my favorite colors! :)

  6. Loving that yellow blazer - I´m so into pastel yellow :)) xx


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