Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Review of Opinion Outpost :)

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be discussing a well-known survey site called Opinion Outpost. Last year, I posted a list of ways to make money as a student and Opinion Outpost was on the list.

Link to post: LINK

How it works: Opinion Outpost is a free survey site that allows you to take surveys for points. After earning so many points, you can redeem them for cash sent to PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and more. You get $10 for every 100 points you earn! You also get entered in a $10,000 drawing each time you complete a survey!!!!! 

My experience: I joined this website the summer of 2014, and have earned 630 points so far. This is by far my fastest earning survey site that I use, and it is the easiest to use too. :) The surveys are relatively fast (unlike many of the other survey sites listed in my post from last year) and you get awarded the points directly after you finish a survey. Survey sites such as SurveySayPanel have more long surveys, and sites like Instant Cash Sweepstakes only award a few cents for the quick surveys. However, I would still recommend you check out those sites too! :) Opinion Outpost definitely gives you the most cash for your time!! I probably spent only a total of ten hours getting these 630 points, so it is well worth the time to get a little extra dough. :) As a student, easy money is the best!

Final Verdict: Go check this site out ASAP! ;) <3

*Disclaimer: I am NOT sponsored by Opinion Outpost in any way! These are my honest thoughts!*


  1. Woaah *o* I didn't know about that, I'm going to try.

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  2. A lovely detailed review, thank you for this xxxx Check out my latest blog post at !! Xx followers are desperately needed xxxxx

    1. I just followed you and it would be great if you followed back! :)

  3. Looks like a good site to earn some money. I followed you via bloglovin.

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  4. You can make $20 for a 20 minute survey!

    Guess what? This is exactly what big companies are paying me for. They need to know what their average customer needs and wants. So these companies pay $1,000,000's of dollars each month to the average person. In return, the average person, like me and you, answers some questions and gives them their opinion.


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