Saturday, April 4, 2015

Guest Post: Amping Up Your Spring Makeup

Hey cupcakes! Today I have a guest post written by the wonderful Shannon Boyce. Check out her blog here: the creation of beauty is art. Make sure to follow both of our blogs!!!!! Enjoy! :)

Spring is by far one of my favourite seasons. Once those mountains of snow have melted and the sun starts peeking through the clouds, it signals flirty dresses, fun prints, and gorgeous makeup. Gone are the super dark lips and smoky eye looks. Now is the time to embrace a little colour! I personally love stepping out of my comfort zone every now and again. And the start of spring is the perfect time to do just that. Are you looking for ways to amp up your spring makeup? Here are a few ideas to unleash your creative side....

Play With Pastels. The most exciting way to kick your spring makeup routine up a notch? Make the most of pastels. Pastel shades are an essential part of spring fashion – but they can be incorporated into your makeup as well. A few ideas? Grab a liquid eyeliner in a pale yellow or a soft teal and add a pop of colour to your eyes. You can wear it as is or accent it with black liner. Or you can use a pastel pink blush on your cheeks or lips. The right use of pastels is sure to give your makeup look a fun pop of colour.

Go Crazy For Lashes.
Sometimes, lashes make all the difference. Especially when there are lots of them! On days that you don’t have time to do a full eye look, opt for lots of lashes instead. Layer on two thick coats of your favourite mascara (my personal must have is the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara) on your top and bottom lashes. This will instantly give you that gorgeous wide-eyed look. For even more drama, try rocking a pair of false lashes and pair it with a bold lipstick shade.

Forget About Nude Lips.
Speaking of bold lipstick shades.... spring is the time to get a little more colourful in all aspects of your makeup. Lips included! There is nothing I love more about the warmer seasons than fun lip colours. This is the time to grab that bright fuchsia, lilac, or coral shade. It will instantly add some oomph to any spring makeup look. With look-at-me lips, all eyes will be on you this season.

Why stick to the same old things? Have fun with your makeup this spring! Embrace pastel shades, load up on lashes, and give your lips the wow factor. You will look amazing wherever you go.

How will you amp up your makeup this spring?

xo Shannon


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