Friday, October 25, 2013

3 Easy Halloween Costumes

Easy Cat Costumes

Halloween is almost here!!!!! Some people, like me, haven't picked out their Halloween costumes yet so I decided to help you out if you are trying to come up with a quick costume. Being a cat is a super easy costume, and the ears and tails are quite cheap if you don't want to spend much for your bff's Halloween party. I put together three outfits that most people could easily create using things already in their closets. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!  <3


  1. CUTE costume!! :) Following you! thanks for commenting on my blog!! hope you are following me tooo!

    Red Alice

  2. Love the one on the center. Would love to wear that on a Halloween party :)


  3. you just inspired me to get some cat ears and a tail :) thanks!!

    1. Awesome! I go as a cat pretty much every year and the costume ideas are endless! :)


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